Birth of you&milk

You & milk is first of all a beautiful love story, with a capital L.

The Love that I feel towards the one who, before becoming the wonderful dad of our little honey bun, is the man who supports me, boosts me when I need it, the one who shared, the difficult beginnings with breastfeeding with me - before it became one of the most beautiful parentheses of my life as a woman - and the one who believed along with me in the you & milk project.


And then there is this craaaaazy Love that I feel for Thelma, hanging on my breast, on my tank top, her gaze filled with love and mischief when she is in the “canteen”, her “Areuuuhh” by way of “ Thank you mom, I ate well, you can repack ”, these little moments just for her, us, the two of us, the three of us.


Breastfeeding, I first apprehended it, I cried a little, I hung on, I liked, no I loved, and I did not want to do without it.

Already more than a year of milky adventure!


For our first vacation of 3 in the summer of 2018, Thelma was barely a month old, we went to the South of France, Provence, its softness, its warmth, ...


In summer, I love (like many women & young mothers) wearing pretty tops, sometimes loose, sometimes more fitted.


As a small epicurean family that we are, we enjoyed walking, going to the beach, enjoying the sunny terraces of a beautiful summer ...


Breastfeeding where the wind takes us, yes, breastfeeding by revealing my freshly delivered 9 month old belly, it was more delicate, in public anyway (because in private, we fully enjoy the breastfeeding experience!) .


I didn't want to choose between wearing the essential tops that I love and breastfeeding our little baby.

And after all, why choose, you can be stylish, relaxed, and breastfeed, right?


Knowing my taste for Fashion, my husband as well as my mom tried to offer me pretty breastfeeding tops, realizing that they were not so easy to find, without it just doing too much breastfeeding. The idea was to find this top that is both timeless, a bit of the essential piece that you want to have in your closet, easy to wear to breastfeed, in all circumstances, without seeking sophistication.


One night, when we were all sharing a precious moment with Thelma at my breast, I was thinking about the existential question (23rd degree eh!) Of the top, ideally in organic cotton for more softness and in accordance with my values, for young mothers like me who are breastfeeding: the famous dilemma “I breastfeed but I also want to stay“ stylish and cool ”.”


We can never say it enough, a successful breastfeeding is certainly being serene, trusting yourself and your baby, eating well, drinking lots of water, resting (ouch!), Being well surrounded and reassured on a daily basis, in her close and emotional circle.

But successful breastfeeding also means feeling good about yourself and in your clothes.


Having talked a long time with my friends and young mothers, I realized that many already felt “bad”  about not going through with their breastfeeding project as they had promised themselves, but added to this, was the weight of their reflection in the mirror: wearing clothes that are certainly comfortable, but often unflattering for the silhouette, a silhouette that we are already trying to reclaim after birthing.


Breastfeeding and dressing easily while loving yourself in your clothes, I believe that it is entirely possible, and above all, highly recommended to fully live this magical interlude of your life. It should even be reimbursed by the Social Security (Let’s get down to it !!)


Be proud to give your sweetest and best to your little baby, do it for a few minutes, a few hours, a few weeks, a few months or more.


Live your breastfeeding simply, freely and above all, without judgment (even for those who make the choice not to, or who do not have the choice to breastfeed)!


Having been supported by our daughter's dad, by my loved ones, having been accompanied and relieved when necessary, this allowed me to savor these moments of milk love as never before imagined.


And if, through our tops, you feel like a woman, a mom and good about yourself, then we will have succeeded in the most beautiful of bets!

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